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About Us

The AMMC Differene

About Us

Accurate Mobile Mix mixes the concrete in our volumetric concrete trucks in the amount you need.  You only pay for the concrete you need and we only make the concrete you need. Less waste is less expensive. Bringing more concrete than you "originally calculated you need", can be incredibly valuable, especially when you only pay for what you use.  Our truck holds 1 to 8 yards.  If you need more, allow time for a round trip - second visit

What Are

Volumetric Trucks?


Volumetric trucks are called that because they can precisely control how much volume of concrete they make for you.  The concrete is made on site on the truck.  The truck consists of various bins holding water, gravel and cement.  The components are mixed via an auger as you need it.  Once your needs are complete, no more concrete is mixed.  The remaining water, aggregate and cement remain in their bins ready for the next job.

Either the truck can back up to the formed area, or concrete can be placed in wheelbarrows to be moved to the exact location you require

Why Are We

More Cost Effective?

Barrel Trucks hold 9 or so yards. If you only need three yards, You are going to be charged an extra trip charge or "short load" charge. You may be liable for a clean out fee too. They charge you for what you order and you are likely to order a little extra just in case. If they have leftover concrete, many will dump the extra at your location, which could be a big problem.  Ordering a "less than full load" from a normal barrel truck concrete company is just not a good idea based on waste and cost.

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